Thursday, May 24, 2007

James Hotel Chicago Part 2

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There is free wireless (yeay!) and it works well all over the room. Then again, the square footage of the room is small and I would be shocked if it didn't work all over. That's the major drawback from the website you don't get the feel for how small the room is. And that is why it reminds me of a NY hotel. The radio/CD player/MP3 dock works well, although it took me some time to realize my iPod would only work with the remote. Lighting is good, however there is one pendant light in the room that does still emit a glow, even when turned down all the way. Soundproofing is lacking, I could hear people all night opening and closing doors and talking in the hallways, perhaps along with the well sized Kiehl's products in the bathroom they should include earplugs. One other cool thing to me, was the alarm clock (clearly, I am a total geek for this) the alarm clock projected onto the ceiling. So when I was suffering from not being able to fall asleep, I just had to look to the ceiling to see what time it was, instead of being bothered to turn my head. Ah, laziness at its finest.

I forgot to pack gym clothes, so I didn't have a chance to check out the 2000 sq. ft gym the hotel boasts. The hotel spa is an Aveda spa, and while there is a card for it in the hotel info book, a services and pricelist would have also been nice.
Going down to check out in the morning I was greeted with the sounds of the Smiths being played. In my book you can't go wrong with a hotel that plays the Smiths. Or at least the person who came up with that CD mix.

Location: The hotel is a block from the shopping of Michigan Ave. and just as close to the restaurants and bars of Rush Street. Should you need snacks Trader Joe's is on the street behind the hotel.
Would I stay here again? Maybe. If I got a really good rate. The too cool for school attitude of the staff was too much of a turn off to make it worth paying that much for a room again. There are plenty of other luxury hotels in the area. I only hope the outposts the group has planned for other cities has more of an emphasis on being warm and hospitable.

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