Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chicago Ribs Goodness - Gale Street Inn

After a long, rough work day all I want is some hearty food that makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket and don't have to move again. This is where the Gale Street Inn comes in. I wanted ribs. Good ribs. And none of this pretty food that comes in small portions.

When they claim to be the best ribs in Chicago, I don't think they are kidding. This place has the ribs you can eat on a date, there's none of that messy picking them up with your hands and getting sauce all over your face. A half rack ($16.95) got me 6 ribs, with plenty of meat, that fell off the bone when I touched them. Tender, perfectly flavored (even though extra bbq sauce was put on the table - in one of those syrup containers you see at IHOP). The ribs come with coleslaw, your choice of a side (I opted for the twice baked potato, all sorts of cheesy, creamy, bacony goodness!), and soup or salad. I got the chicken tomatillo soup, it was good! Lots of heat from the jalepenos, and I had to get up and blow my nose halfway through, but I like it that way.

What the midwest has that the coasts seem to lack are real portions. I managed only half my soup and half my potato. I was beyond full, of course this didn't mean I skipped dessert. Apple pie ($5). With a scoop of ice cream. And some caramel drizzled on the pie. The slice of pie took up almost the whole plate. I made it through less than half the dessert.

Thier homemade butter is phenomenal, it has a hint of honey. And the bread is warm and soft. I commented to the waiter how much I loved the butter and he kept it coming, and then brought me some to take home with me.
The restaurant also had a 3 piece jazz band playing that night which was a nice touch, especially since they were good! The service was great, the waiter was friendly and engaging and really seemed to like his job.


Randy Maness said...

Ribs sound really good about now... :)

danielle said...

omg i'm so hungry now! hahaha!!