Monday, May 14, 2007

House of Nanking - The Best Chinese In San Francisco

If you go to SF and get only have time for one Chinese restaurant you simply MUST get yourself to House of NanKing in North Beach.

Yes, there will probably be a line at lunch time, and yes it is worth the wait.

No, do not ask for a menu. They will give you one, and let you order from it, but don't. Let them bring you whatever they will. I guarantee it will be better than anything you would have ordered.

Usually you will end up with some sesame like chicken dish. It's the best chicken you will ever have. I believe once I got some sort of beef dish as well. It may have been 5 spice beef. I never understand what the chef says he is bringing me, but I also never leave unhappy. Or not extremely full. If you must order an appetizer, opt for the potstickers or the onion cake. This place made me fall in love with the concept of onion cakes.

The portions are huge, so get one main dish to share. The prices are low, the quality good. It is a very casual restaurant and the kitchen is in the window, so if you are sitting in the half with the kitchen you can see all the delicious food being prepared.

Location: 919 Kearney (at Jackson, near Columbus) (415) 421-1429

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Anonymous said...

Hands down the BEST place in San Fran. I went with a group of co-workers and they kept bringing dish after dish family style. There were 8 of us and even with beers we had money left on our $25 dinner per diem to go have drinks elsewhere after dinner. I LOVE NANKING --- BVE