Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hot Tomatoes Boston

I've been eating here pretty much 3 - 4 times a week since it opened last month. Mostly because it is convenient for a quick lunch and they have a large enough menu that I have been able to eat something different each time.

Prices are between $9 and $10 for sandwiches, this may seem high, but most of the sandwiches are big enough to last through lunch and dinner and come with a side of pasta salad or cole slaw. I would recommend any except the Sloppy Joe, it's very very very greasy. I took two bites and threw the rest out. The Yankee is good, but would be served much better warm (its turkey with stuffing). The few times I have asked for something slightly different than the menu (the Lucky 33 heated, or ciabatta instead of whatever bread the sandwich was supposed to have) I got back to the office with the sandwich and realized they didn't make the modification.

The salads are pricey, not great, and not large. I'd opt for something else. The pizza slices are $2.50, average sized, and quite good (although, by the slice so far has only been pepperoni or cheese). The frittata is $6.50 for 2 the size of muffins, but they are surrounded with a tomato sauce that is quite good, and it ends up being filling enough for lunch.

The space is cute, albeit a little crowded when there are more than 4 people waiting for food to go. The decor is nice and the punches of red add a fun feel. Downside, for now they are cash only.
The staff seems to rotate constantly (maybe they share staff with their other restaurant Carmen), but as a regular it would be nice to have a bit of a friendly rapport and that is lacking.

Location: North End. North Street at Lewis.

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