Monday, May 7, 2007

Exhale Day Spa

Exhale is a high end chain spa. They have locations in Boston, several in NY, LA, Chicago, and TX. In addition to spa services they also offer yoga and core fusion classes. Which does give that part of the spa a bit of an aerobics studio feel.

My first experience was less stellar than I expected for the prices they charge. The $130 facial (z-peel) with Ella rocked! She is handsdown the best esthetician I have come across to date. Thorough, gentle, and super nice! My Pedicure Plus ($80) was rushed, and not completed in one visit (she didn't do my polish, scrub the heels, work on the cuticles, use the paraffin, or the scrub mask) due to the pedicurist running late and having major attitude, like she was doing me a favor by doing her job. I also was not a fan of the location of the mani/pedi stations (next to the workout studio). I did complain to the manager, and was invited back for a second mani/pedi.
My second visit also included another visit with Ella (this time for a cool laser - for the money I would stick with the z-peel, my skin felt and looked a lot better after that, the cool laser did nothing for me). She still rocked. I will go back time and again for treatments with her. My mani/pedi was much better this time (different manicurist). Coincidentally my last manicurist came in halfway through my manicure with the same bad attitude, I realized she just isn't professional in the least. You don't complain and bitch in front of customers (or to customers about who was sitting there before them). I will recomment Sita for the mani/pedi, she was awesome and sweet and very professional. But I would probably stay away from anyone else there.

Thier locker room is enormous, although their showers seem to leak, as the floor around them is soaked more than it should be. They have all the amenities one could ask for, from razors to q-tips, and enough space at the mirrors for 3 people to freshen up simultaneously.
The relaxation den has some interesting tea choices and just plain water.
I'm sure had I not had to encounter the same girl both times my visit would have been far more pleasant, as the spa itself is gorgeous and very zen-like. They even have a steam room which scores major points! Overall, I would go there for facials and a spa day that doesn't involve nails.

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