Monday, April 2, 2007

Soi 4 Thai

My favorite Thai in the East Bay, Soi Four has great drinks and an interesting menu. They used to have a fantastic chocolate martini that was made with hot cocoa from Bittersweet next door, sadly they no longer make it. But you don't come here for the martinis, you come for the food. And good food it is! My favorite appetizers include the turnip cakes (you'd never know you were eating turnips!) and the Indian bread with eggplant, curry sauce, bell pepper and basil (its like a curry pizza). Fantastic entrees include the beef short ribs (spicy, and make sure you eat them all for they aren't great reheated) and the tamarind shrimp (sweet and spicy all at the same time). The standard dishes of pad thai and yellow chicken curry (lots of chicken, not all potatoes like most places) are also good, but you can get those anywhere, so why not try something new?
The interior is spacious and airy, with large windows and skylights, there's seating upstairs in the loft area, which can get a bit crowded, but still doesn't feel claustrophobic.

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