Sunday, April 8, 2007

Beachside in the OC - The Hyatt Huntington

The Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort and Spa has to be my favorite of all the California Hyatts. It's across the street from the beach location is ideal for surfers (or those who want to learn), sand castle builders, or those who want to spend the day biking casually along the beach. The hotel has a footbridge that goes directly to the beach so spare you dashing across PCH. It gives you all the southern California activities you were looking for in a soothing unique environment.
They have a large pool area surrounded by palm trees, with music playing underwater, and drinks and food served poolside. There is nothing better for me than laying out, getting a tan, while someone brings me a fruity concoction and something to nibble on. There is also a firepit after the sun goes down, which people seem to be drawn to. Maybe its the campfire feel, maybe it the romantic fire under the stars feel. There are several courtyards around the hotel with various fountains, the main one as you walk through the lobby is gorgeous. A long pool with fish fountains and palm trees remind you that you are now in Orange County and ready to relax.
Rooms are spacious (450+ sq. ft) with a desk area in case you are inclined to work. The beds are the good Hyatt beds, soft and fluffy with the down duvets, pillowtop mattresses, and high thread count sheets. All rooms have robes, CD alarm clocks, high speed internet access, and the very best part - a patio/balcony. There was nothing better than sitting out there sipping coffee watching the sunset over the ocean. Most rooms have an ocean view since the layout of the rooms are around several courtyards. The courtyards all also have hot tubs, so you don't have to walk too far to sink into warm water.
The only downside to the courtyard layout is that your room can be quite a bit of a walk from the lobby depending on what building you are in. But the Spanish style architecture is just gorgeous and when you are surrounded by palm trees and water you really don't notice.
The hotel has a casual and a fine dining restaurant, I've only had Sunday brunch at the Californian, it had a good selection of breakfast and lunch items and the food was very good.
There is also a spa allowing you to indulge in all sorts of treatments (the pricing is a bit on the high side) on your quick getaway, there are also early morning yoga lessons in the landscaped area (complete with koi pond!) in front of the spa. On complimentary aspect of the spa is the sunrise walk which covers around 3 miles. A great way to wake up and smell the fresh ocean air.
Location does require a car to get pretty much anywhere. But this is the OC and that's just how it is there. Down the street there is good seafood at

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