Saturday, April 28, 2007

Asian in Southie

From the outside Pan Asia looks like an upscale Asian restaurant in the middle of South Boston. The decor is very modern and contemporary, giving it an elegant touch for the neighborhood. The bar looks cool and is pretty spacious. There i also a separate dining area. They have Chinese, Japanese and Thai offerings, so when you can't decide exactly what it is you want, it seems like a good place to go.

But it isn't.

Japanese food isn't offered until after 4 pm, so we opted for Chinese appetizers and Thai entrees. The crab rangoon, was all cream cheese very little crab. I love my cream cheese, but really, I want some crab in my appetizer that has crab in the name. The egg rolls were large, not greasy, but also not cut in half. Who doesn't cut egg rolls in half when serving them? Especially when they are the size of a large salt shaker?

The entrees all had spicy indicated on the menu. We asked for the chicken basil to be mild, and the yellow chicken curry to be medium. No spicy hot. At all. To top it off? They weren't warm. Not even lukewarm. Clearly not made today. Or they were made this morning and left sitting at room temp. Possibly microwaved for 30 seconds? How hard is it to at least reheat the food?

The service was nothing exceptional. Took order, brought food, brought check. But this isn't fine dining, so it didn't bother me.

Wouldn't recommend this place. Get on the T or drive over to Chinatown, it's only 5 min away.

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