Sunday, April 1, 2007

Plough and Stars

Sunday brunch at the Plough and Stars has a gospel brunch. We were entertained by a country gospel band called the Sacred Shakers. The pub is small and the food excellent, but the service is a bit lacking. Most notably there is no real rhyme or reason to the seating of guests. Brunch is from noon until 3, we arrived at noon and the bar and all the tables were packed. That is a good sign. But despite arriving at noon we weren't seated until 12:45. Plenty of other parties that arrived after us and had the same number of patrons were seated before us, it was all very random and had we known of other brunch spots in the area we would have left.
The food came out relatively quickly, we had the fried chicken with cheddar cheese grits. The chicken was the requisite greasy and tasty, four pieces - a drumstick, a breast, a wing and a thigh. The grits were also excellent and recieved good ratings from the Southerner in the group. Others had the other white meat omlette and the basic breakfast, they all seemed pleased and the plates were taken away completely empty. A side of bacon had 4 thick slices and was only $2.50.
We had multiple servers, and that led to waiting and having to flag them down for refills. I'd give the service 1 star and the food 3 stars.
Would I return? Maybe, either before noon or after 1:30 when it seemed to slow down a bit.

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