Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aequis Spa Retreat

There are lots of spas in Portland, and it was tough picking one for a good spa day with a friend, but we finally settled on Aequis.

Love this place! Took a few minutes of wandering around the street to realize it was in the Mark Spencer, but from the minute we walked in we were pleasantly surprised. The waiting/relaxation room is HUGE, and yet feels completely intimate. The decor is very Indian-esque with lots of pillows and deep reds and music.

The foot soak/massage at the start of the journey is amazingly relaxing and fun. I found thier method of picking the scents unique and accurate. I was supposed to have a female massuese, but for whatever reason we both ended up with males. This usually skeeves me out and keeps me from being relaxed. But both our guys were fabulous. (It helped a lot that I thought mine was hot- seriously where else could I get a cute tattooed boy to rub warm stones and oil all over me? Not any spa I've been to yet). The medley massage itself was great, we went to lunch afterwards and I wanted to nap I was so relaxed. Mostly I want to go back for another one today.

We did the couples room, and yet were enjoying our massages so much we didn't talk to each other at all. It started off with a light feather run along our arms and backs, incorporated some hot stones, deep tissue and swedish styles. They do encourage a lymphatic massage, and the form you fill out does ask if you are comfortable with that. It was interesting, slightly uncomfortable for me since I tend to be very ticklish, but as he had noticed that from the foot soak, he was gentle and it felt strangely good. The massage ends with a scalp treatment, where they brush your hair (yes, cute boys brushing your hair, I swear this should be illegal!) and pour a warm oil over your hair. A warm towel is then wrapped around your head and you are left to relax for a few more minutes.

The only strange-ish thing, was that for a space this large, there were no lockers. But you put all your stuff in a garment bag in the changing area and it finds its way back to you in the shower. The showers were enormous and had beautiful tile work. I didn't want to leave.

Ladies, go there and treat yourself to the best spa experience in Portland.

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