Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sushi in Quincy

Beni Cafe is a haven of quick Japanese in North Quincy. It's cheap (and by cheap I mean nothing over $10), fast, and really good! The chicken teppanyaki uses dark and white meat, as opposed to those other places that use just the cheap dark meat, comes with rice (which wasn't clear from the menu, so I ended up with an extra side of rice), the standard carrots and sprouts, and was a large portion all for $5! The rolls and nigiri were all good, the fish was really fresh. Crab rangoon ($3) was a good mix of cheese and crab, and the sweet potato fries ($2) were basically sweet potato tempura and came with a slightly spicy dip. I thought with prices this low the portions would be small, but they weren't. It was regular sized portions, keep that in mind before you over order and then feel compelled to eat everything because it tastes so good!
The restaurant is very bright and clean, has free wifi, and 3 flat screen computers.

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