Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Flamepoeria Cafe Gallery

Cute little coffee shop slash lunch spot in the North End. Yes, there are tons of those places in the neighborhood, but none like this. In addition to coffee, tea, and some desserts and pastries that make me want to eat everything, they have lunch. Items include salads, sandwiches and soups. Salads like lemongrass chicken (I haven't tried it as lemongrass and me have no love for each other - but I've heard from numerous co-workers that it is amazing), chicken dumpling salad (fried dumplings!) the dressing is very tasty and the salad comes with either feta or blue cheese. Most the dishes come in a salad, open faced sandwich or rice plate option. The rice plate has a small green salad on the side. Definite Asian flair, but in a non-traditional way. Soup choices include spicy beef pozole (and when he says spicy, he means SPICY!!! Much love, I've been eating this for three days now. I love it), a chicken and a shrimp noodle soup. So you get the South American flair as well. With a name like Flamepoeria, I think Brazilian.
Decor is minimalist, ottoman style benches and low tables make for comfy casual seating. Artwork is by the owner and for sale definitely fun funky art.

The best thing is that the food is made to order, so you know it is fresh and hasn't been sitting there all day. This means you won't just run in and grab lunch, but you can call ahead if that's what you are looking for.

Location is on Lewis Street between North and Commercial, and worth the walk over.

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