Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oggi Gourmet Pizza

Do you like pizza? Do you hate heavy, doughy crust? Then you must go to Oggi if you find yourself in Boston. They aren't open on the weekends, but are open until 9:30 during the week. I hate crust, the only purpose it serves is to hold the toppings that need to make it into my belly, so I always stop eating when I run out of toppings and leave crust ends strewn about. Not so with this crust. It has sesame seeds on it for a little crunch. It's light, flakey, almost buttery - croissant like in its deliciousness. No more crust ends in my pizza boxes. I eat every last morsel.
The toppings range from the typical pepperoni to the more gourmet goat cheese and toasted almonds (quite delicious, although a bit heavy on the almonds). They also have a selection of sandwiches, salads and dinners - which will be reviewed if I can make it back and resist the pizza.
The restaurant is airy and light, with a casual decor. Nicer than your typical pizza joint, but by no means fancy.

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