Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick - San Francisco Ferry Building

I love cheese, this is no secret. So when I found out Cowgirl Creamery was opening the much anticipated extension to their Ferry Building location today, I had to be there. The menu is limited, but everything sounds amazing.

I'm only halfway through my lunch, but had to get this up immediately.

I ordered the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar cheese toastie ($6.75). With carmelized onions and supposedly maple mustard. Of course on quality Acme bread from next door. You get two slices of bread, open faced with yum yum yummy melted cheese. The mustard though, is more spicey brown mustard than reminiscent of any maple flavor. And I have to admit I was intrigued by the idea of maple mustard. It comes with a small side of mache with a vinigrette that is delicious!

I have dessert, imploring me to eat my toastie faster. Chocolate mousse panna cotta ($3.00). Serving size - small. Imagine a slightly larger size of those take home containers you put ketchup or mustard in at a burger place. Update: I've now taken my first three bites of dessert. It is unbelievably thick and rich and if the portion size was any larger it would go to waste. Well, not really I love chocolate as much as I love cheese, but my waistline would not forgive me.

They are also open in the morning for breakfast a menu which contains Bambinis, Gougeres (yes that will be my breakfast tomorrow) and yogurt bowls (which look delicious and are a good size for $3.75).

Update: Tried the Bambini with Mt. Tam and Ham (and mustard)($5.00), the bread is soft and to die for delicious, as are the fillings. I do love the Mt. Tam so pretty much anything it is on I am guaranteed to love. The only thing that could have made this better as a breakfast item if it was served slightly warm, and had an egg involved.
I had a savory Gougeres as well, that was less awesome. But to be fair, I am not a fan of the cheese that's in it to begin with. The puff pastry it was in didn't do much for me either.

A lady who had ordered the other cheese toastie - Bellweather Crescenza with herbs and summer peppers and a salad did have to send her salad back, they had forgotten the eggplant. Another girl after me wasn't overwhelmed by the flavor of her egg cream, but admitted she'd never had one before and didn't know quite what to expect. On second thought, she declared it a nice light chocolate drink.

They are fully staffed and it does look a bit crowded back there, but given the touristy location, how busy the store gets, and the lunch hour it is necessary. The kitchen is a bit slow, but I'm chalking this up to first day kinks. Hopefully in a week or two things will be running smoother and faster.

The woodwork, by the pick up counter is beautiful. There are parts that look like they were just taken off of a tree trunk and planted right there.

Sue Conley and Peggy Smith were there today, checking out their newest outpost, and both of them kindly came over and asked what I was ordering and re-assured me that it was being prepared. Sue had one of the mozzarella plates with heirloom tomatoes and basil and it looked divine! Prices on that range are $8.50 and $10.75 depending on the mozzarella choice.

Had the Buratta with heirloom tomatoes, olive oil and basil for lunch on Friday, they left off the basil, which was a bummer, since I'm sure that would have made it way more delicious than it already was. The tomatoes were slightly salted with a course salt, which I loved! The Buratta was creamy and smooth and will be the only option I ever get on this plate. I did ask to taste the cheeses, and it seemed to irk the girl behind the counter, she gave me tastes of the buffalo and cow mozzarellas, but did not want to let me taste the ricotta or buratta. Well, I'd like to know what my options are before I order(plus I'd seen them letting someone else try them on Wed). She did let me taste the buratta finally, and good thing, or else I would have just gotten another item off the menu, the other cheeses were not as tasty. There are a couple slices of Acme bread and some olives spread around as well, and the bed of mache that the cheese lays on.
I also got an order of the Wagon Wheel over potatoes ($7.50), with some yummy pickles sprinkled about. Amazingly good, I wish there had been more potatoes in there!

If you love cheese, and want a reasonably priced lunch option (at least for the Ferry Building) head on over.

Phone (415) 392-4000


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Seriously, I drooled reading about your new sidekick. Everything looks like it would taste amazing. I think I should buy stock in that company :)