Saturday, June 16, 2007

Breadboard Restaurant and Bakery - Ashland

Even though we were staying at a B&B with very tasty breakfasts, the lure of this place down the road was too much. We grabbed lunch to go one day, a chef salad ($8.25) the size of our head and a turkey burger with bacon, swiss and mushrooms with a side of home fries ($9.25). I've never been one for ground turkey, it never tastes as good as beef to me. I also dislike mushrooms. But, let me just say this was the best damn turkey burger I've ever had! I kept half for later, and even cold it was good. The chef salad was also very tasty.
They had cinnamon buns the size of which I had never seen before, sadly I forgot to get one before we left town.
We did go in another day and got the breakfast foods at lunch time (it's only open until 2:30 pm sadly). 2 huge biscuits with sausage gravy ($4.95), a side of sausage ($1.50 for 2 links - because one can never have enough breakfast meat) side of homefries ($2.50 - because they were so tasty the last time - they aren't very fried, and not greasy, just a very tasty cut of potatoes), there was also an omlette ($8.95) that had lots of good things in it (so many I can't remember what exactly).
The gravy was thick and creamy and delicious, also very good when dipping the "homers" in it. The biscuits were thick, and a bit on the dry side inside, but with the amount of gravy on the plate that really wasn't an issue. I actually liked that it wasn't buttery in this instance.
It's a very cozy, old style family owned diner type place, the service is friendly and prompt and if I lived in Ashland I would eat there everyday.

Location: 744 N Main St. Ashland (close to Talent) (541) 488-0295

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